Inside Sharon Mitchell

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Descricao: Move over, Seka, Desiree, Marilyn and Jennifer. Sharon now joins your ranks as one of the immortals who has her own "Inside" feature. Made up of two-thirds video clips and one-third original footage, Inside Sharon Mitchell is pure heaven for her fans. She is enthusiasm and lust personified. If I seem to be laying it on a bit too thick, consider that Sharon has appeared in over 230 adult films and videos in 14 years plus innumerable loops, personal appearances, etc. She has learned her craft well and has a good tim to boot. Mitchell says she can't decide if she likes men or women better. Likewise, I can't tell if she excels better in the boy/girl or the lesbian scenes. She loves to love Aja, Siobhan Hunter and Erica Boyer and is in seventh heaven with four guys at once. In between the segments, Sharon entertains us with incredible stories from her personal life – each of which seems too outrageous to be true. Milton Ingley (a.k.a. Michael Morrison) has assured me they really happened. A good showcase for Sharon in her latter years, but a nice touch would have been a film clip from Joy (1975), her first film. She has greatly changed, but she's still the hottest ticket in town.