Best Of Nina Hartley 2

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Descricao: Nina Hartley is one of the best-loved, most highly respected sex stars of any era, a beautiful and outspoken woman who has never been afraid to speak up for herself and her chosen career. She's a starlet who loves her work - and it shows. Nina's a shapely, tight-bodied blonde with all natural curves and one of the greatest backsides to ever grace a porno flick. Her infectious smile and vivacious personality brought a sense of fun to each sex role she landed. A confirmed bisexual swinger in her real life, Nina loves sex in all its forms, and her enjoyment comes through loud and clear. Whether paired up with well-built studs or busty babes, Nina exudes sexual excitement and possibility. This blistering compilation brings together some of Nina's best work of the 80s and early 90s. A Second Helping Of Nina's Most Outrageous Scenes!!!
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